Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wilkie Leaks, Rashomon (羅生門) and Bin Laden Operation


On May 17, 210), AP published yet another, officially sanctioned (?), account of the Bin Laden operation (Code name “Geronimo”) of May 2, 2011. This account is by far the most expansive and detail one, though no less final or truthful.

For the first time we learned that that the Bin Laden operation was not flawless, as first reported and the public led to (want to) believe.

It is too early to tell whether this is the final account, but I suspect not.

It is also too early to tell whether this is a more truthful account, I doubted.


I do not have any more faith in this account because:

(1.1) The central message of WILKIE LEAK is that government lies all the time, for reasons good or bad. Thus, we need Julian Paul Assange (a foreigner) to tell us what our own government (from US to China) is doing.
(1.2) Government (and private business) cannot be trusted to provide citizens/consumers information to keep them in check.
(1.3) Q#1: How do we know that the police is doing a good job in fighting crime.?
A#1: With the use of FBI-UCR crime data.
Q#2: Who collect such crime data?
A# 2: The police provide them to the FBI, voluntarily.
Q#3: Can we trust the police data to be complete, valid and reliable?
A#3: No we do not know. No one knows. The police cannot be trusted.
(1.4) There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to trust the US and Pakistan to tell
the truth. No on can proof them wrong, now that Wilkie leak is history.

(2.1) Made in 1950, Rashomo tells: “The story … in flashback as the four characters—the bandit Tajōmaru (Toshirō Mifune), the samurai's wife (Machiko Kyō), the murdered samurai (Masayuki Mori), and the nameless woodcutter (Takashi Shimura)—recount the events of one afternoon in a grove. The first three versions are told by the priest (Minoru Chiaki), who was present at the trial as a witness, having bumped into the couple on the road just prior to the events. Each of these versions has a response of "lies" from the woodcutter. The final version comes direct from the woodcutter, as the only witness (but he did not admit this to the court), but by then he is no longer a reliable witness. All versions are told to a ribald commoner (Kichijiro Ueda) as they wait out a rainstorm in the ruined gate at the city limits of Kyoto, a ruin identified by a sign as Rashōmon.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashomon_%28film%29
(2.2) The central thesis of Rashomo is that people are fallible as witnesses of events: in interest (bias), in vantage point (limited viewpoint), in capacity (faulty observation – memory – articulation), in interpretation (multiple meanings), and finally in revisions (dynamic change through time/influence).
(2.3) It is thus humanly IMPOSSIBLE for people to first know all the facts, and be able to know the truth. This includes the Seal Team members, Bin Laden operation commanders and White House watchers. [The Bin Laden operation was captured by mounted video on Seal members. This is the ultimate “reality TV” – just in time. There are many legal issues (e.g., does it make WH – Obama an accomplice to war crime if it is decided that Bin Laden was deemed to be executed in cold blood?) There are also tons of moral controversies (e.g., would it be proper to show such “reality TV” for political gain (election) or financial reward (media)?)
(2.4) As trial lawyers are fond of saying: no one tells lie but everyone speaks half-truths; to embellish, to conceal, to convince, or simply to make (self and others) believe.


As police investigators and trial lawyers, we look for small inconsistency to get at the larger (un)truth.

The one “small” inconsistency that tells us that everyone (US and Pakistan) is lying is this: Why was there no Pakistan police and military response in 40 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????

The facts of the operation are clear:

(1) The operation was carried out in the middle of the night.
(2) The area is quiet. People are not used to military operations, at the middle of night in a residential area.
(3) There were a lot of noises: 27 Seal members, two helicopter hovering, one helicopter landed, one wrecked and destroyed, gunfire, explosives.
(4) Part of the assault was outside the Bin Laden compound.
(5) The operation last 40 minutes.
AP sources: Raiders knew mission a one-shot deal http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110517/ap_on_re_us/us_bin_laden_raid
(6) There were eyewitnesses. At least one person alerted his friends with twitter. (http://socyberty.com/issues/eyewitness-story-of-osama-invasion/#ixzz1MdAy52DG)
(7) There were three army regiments in the city. The Pakistan Military Academy is 1000 yards from the Bin Laden resident.


The Pakistan must have knowledge of the attack.

(1) The Pakistan military must have been informed about the attack, by the US before or shortly thereafter.
(2) In order not to enrage the ISI (pro-Taliban) and inflame the Pakistan public (nationalism or anti-Americanism), Pakistan military – government fake ignorance.
(3) The Pakistan civil leadership and military authority, in collaboration with the US, lied about:
(a) not knowing where about of Bin Laden in Pakistan;
(b) did not inform US about the where about of Bin Laden;
(c) did not know the American operation before hand;
(d) did not know about border incursion as it happened;
(e) did not know about the attack on Bin Laden for 40 minutes

It was Sherlock Holmes who once said: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”
(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "A Scandal in Bohemia")

It is impossible for the Pakistan government not to know!

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