Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Relationship Poliicing vs. People Policing

Everyone has hopes and dreams, often time dismissively called "personal" agenda. Mine is to make a different in the studying, and in turn (time) understanding, of policing, as we know it.

In the case of 中国警务 (Chinese policing),it is an error to believe that 中国警务 needs to be developed along western lines; disarmingly, seductively and now compelling called scientific, professional, and of late, in HKc context, progressive best policing practices. Nothing is further than the truth.

To me, policing is first and foremost about fostering and mending relationship (关系警务论). People rarely kill - hurt friends, with relationship as bonds (孔子, 礼, 仁). (Confucius, Hirschi) People routinely destroy - damage enemies,as things of (dis)utility. (Bentham - moral calculus)

Evidence for above observation is everywhere. Communal - affective life ("we" network, @HK 1950) is harmonious thus peaceful; daily, fierce and rancorous family "feud" notwithstanding. Individual - rational existence ("me" network, @China 2012) is competitive, thus conflictual; appearance of regularity and orderliness not withstanding.

I am developing a theory of "guanxi" relationship policing, a radical departure from "people" policing. I need all the help I can get.

Our job as students - intellectuals - scholars, is to dream big and think/act small, one idea/thing/step at a time, in correcting myths (Chinese police should copy from the West) and removing paradigm (legal/bureaucratic/professional policing model is the ONLY way to do policing).

Policing is not about enforcing strict law but fostering good relationship.

"Knowledge never rests, people do" (KCW, 1987)

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